Nutrahair Nano Reducer Shield (Brazilian Blindagem) 33.8 fl.oz & Ultra Gloss Shampoo 33.8 fl.oz

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Blindagem, volume reducer, redução de volume, cuticle sealing, selagem de cutículas, Argan Oil, óleo de argan, Nutrahair,

What is it?

The Nano.Reducer Shield is a nourishing sealing with base of Nano.Sericin and Argan Oil, which promotes the hair alignment, leaving it disciplined and healthy. The technology present in its composition allows up to 100% of reduction of volume, while it rebuilds the hair fiber, providing natural effect and balance.

Nano.Reducer Shield

The Nano.Reducer Shield Shock3 is formed by the association of extra lubricant emollients and nanoparticles of sericin. Together these actives promote the sealing of the cuticles, nutrition, volume reduction and correction of the imperfections of the hair fiber. 33.8 fl.oz

Shampoo Ultra Gloss

The Shampoo Ultra Gloss provides cleansing for hair and scalp while prepares the hair for the Nano.Reducer Shield. Its dense and creamy lather makes the hair manipulation during the washing easier and it avoids that the hair becomes rough after rinsing. 33.8 fl.oz


Restored hair, with reduced volume and protected

  • Immediate effect.
  • Replenishment of protein mass and hair regeneration.
  • Hair cuticle sealing and mirror shine.
  • Volume reduction up to 100%.
  • Frizz reduction.

Made in Brazil.

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