Pro Repair Shock Nourishing Regenerator with Argan Oil 16.9 Fl.Oz

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Nutrahair, Shock3, nourishing regenerator, regenerador nutritivo, argan oil, óleo de argan, Deep nutrition, Instant result, Anti-aging action, pro-elasticity, Intense shine on dry and chemically treated hair
Nourishing Regenerator - Argan Oil

Shock3 Nourishing Regenerator strengthens and regenerates hair, promotes anti-aging action and restores hair with its natural flexibility. Argan Oil, rich in antioxidants, deeply protects and nourishes the hair fiber, providing intense shine to all hair types. 500ml

  • Deep nutrition
  • Instant result in just 3 minutes
  • Anti-aging action and pro-elasticity
  • Intense shine on dry and chemically treated hair

Use also the Shock3 Shampoo that gently cleans the hair promoting resistance and making it easy to comb. The emollient agents contained in its formulation minimize the damage caused by chemical and mechanical processes. 

Made in Brazil.